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3 Out of the Box Luxury Design Ideas You May Not Have Considered

There is always the ‘extra’ element that many luxury home owners strive to have included in their new home build. These extra luxury items are often hidden features that offer to lift those luxury homes to new levels of extravagance. Here are three, out of the box, luxury design ideas that you may not have considered, but should.

1. Hidden Suites

Hidden rooms have become a hugely coveted favourite among luxury home builders around the world. This can be a hidden bedroom behind a wall mural, or a wine cellar behind a book case, or even hidden entrances behind tall mirrors or wall paintings. All of which add a level of mystery and intrigue, as well as a new level of opulence as these features aren’t ‘practical’, but simply ‘desired’. Hidden rooms or doors create a huge impact and a new element of fun to a grand luxury home.

2. A New Type of Guest House

A guest house is for guests, right? Well, instead of having a part of your property sit empty waiting for the on and off times when guests are visiting, why not create a multi-purpose house? Think: games room, man cave, personal gym or even a library. The guest house is the perfect opportunity to add on a room you really would love to have, but just can’t justify creating within your luxury home. It’s the ‘extra’ room in the ‘extra’ house. It really shouldn’t be a space wasted just on guests

3. Entertainment Areas Galore

If you have the space, be creative with your entertainment areas. Especially on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane with our beautiful Queensland weather, having great outdoor entertainment areas is a wonderfully luxurious addition to any custom designed home. For example, a private patio off of the master bedroom for your morning coffee, or a retro games room above the garage for a billiard table and bar. This is a good opportunity to be creative, consider the spaces and layout that you have to work with carefully and create something unique and luxuriously ‘extra’.

Brett Ward Homes has been designing and building luxury homes on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane for many years. We would love to chat with you about your ‘extra’ feature and help create your dream luxury home!

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