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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Custom Home

You spend hours and hours looking for your perfect dream home, but often there are some simple mistakes that many people overlook until it’s too late. This is why many choose to build a new custom home, as you get the expertise of a custom home builder to help avoid these mistakes and you also get to design it from scratch to fit what you want perfectly. However, if you make the mistake of going to an unrepeatable builder, you’re going to run into problems. Here to help you are the top five mistakes you absolutely should avoid when building a new custom home.

1. Price Rather Than Experience

Cost and value when it comes to your home should be considered very carefully. The cheapest option is not going to give you the best value. You need to make sure you are selecting a reputable, experienced, licenced custom home builder, or you’re going to run into problems fast. Those problems may end up costing you more, than had you gone with a more experienced builder in the first place. A quality build is a valuable asset, so you need to make this first decision very carefully before deciding on any other stage of your custom home build.

2. Not Planning for the Future

Designing a custom home is an exciting process and of course you want everything to be perfect so that you have the ultimate dream home. However, an important thing to remember is that what you need and want now, might not be what you need and want in a few years. Make sure you plan for the future when getting your dream custom home designed.

3. No Contracts

You absolutely need to make sure that your custom home builder provides you with a construction contract. This contract needs to include deliverable dates and specified costs. No verbal agreement nor simple invoice is going to provide the security you need if anything goes wrong.

4. Designing Too Unique

You want to make sure that your new custom home is designed to suit you and your family, but at the same time you want to make sure it has resale value and potential. If you add in too many unique features or personal choices, it’s not going to appeal to future potential buyers. Especially as many unique or personal additions tend to date rather quickly and go out of fashion. Your home’s value is just as important as your dream features. You need to make sure there is a balance between the two.

5. Changes Happened During the Design NOT the Build

You need to make sure that all of the changes that you want made are done during the design stage of your custom home. Once the build begins making changes can be costly and you might find yourself stuck with features you don’t like. Don’t approve anything until you’re absolutely sure it’s what you want. Don’t make your dream custom home a regret. Take the time to get it right at the beginning.

Brett Ward Homes has successfully designed and built hundreds of custom homes throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We have the reputation, experience and expertise to help create your dream home without the potential of these costly mistakes. Call us today to discuss your new custom home.

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