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Custom Home Builders vs Volume Builders

When building a new home, the process can not only feel costly as well as overwhelming, especially when it comes to the decision between hiring a custom home builder or a volume builder. Which one is the right choice for you? Understanding the difference will help you make an informed decision and select the best one for your new home.

Custom Home Builders

As the name suggests, a custom home builder gives you options about your design, allowing you to customise your home to suit your own vision and lifestyle. One of the best reasons to build a custom home is that there are no set-in-stone, predetermined aspects to your home design that you are forced to stick with. When you work with a custom home builder, you are selecting a home designed just for you. A custom home builder and their team of professionals are committed to designing and building a home that meets the highest of quality standards, as well as ensuring that throughout each and every step of your home build your desires and needs are met.

Volume Builders

Quite simply, a volume builder will present you with a selection of already designed homes for you to choose from. This can feel quite restricting, as you are not usually given the opportunity to include any added items outside of their standard range. Predefined home designs can lead to future issues, such as features that don’t suit your lifestyle or future needs. Which of course may lead to costly home renovations.

In the end, designing a home that suits you and your family’s needs, location and lifestyle perfectly is the best option. A custom designed home gives you choices, and allows you to make decisions based on what you need now as well as what you will need in the future. It will be your custom home.

Brett Ward Homes has many years of experience building custom homes, and would love to work with you to build your dream custom home.  Call us today to discuss your perfect custom home.

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