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Designing the Perfect Kitchen for Your New Custom Home

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and when you’re planning a new custom home you want to make sure that you get the perfect kitchen designed too. Don’t leave it to chance, consider what you want and need carefully, as well as your Gold Coast or Brisbane location and get the perfect kitchen designed for your new custom home.

The Island

Island benches are a great way to add additional counter space without making big compromises on space. You can add a country look with a wheelable island bench, but the best option for a modern custom home design is a built in customised island. They can be created to suit your kitchen perfectly, with matching materials and styles. It’s the ultimate space saver with a dash of luxury. You can make your island as large or small as you like. It can be a big statement or a small addition. You can also make it functional by adding in storage, or fitting your kitchen sink or hotplate into it, hidden features can be added, as well as bar seating if the layout allows. There is a myriad of possibilities available to you and your new home with an island bench.

The Pantry

It may seem like simply the place where you store food, but your pantry has the potential to be so much more. You can go for a full extravagant butler’s pantry, or think outside the box and be a little creative by incorporating sliding doors, a walk-in pantry, a pull-out pantry, a hidden pantry and more! If you have the space to be a little creative with your custom home design, then go for it! Your custom home builder can help recommend options to give you a fun, yet still functional pantry space.

The Materials

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with for your kitchen design, it can be tricky to incorporate additional features. However, one fantastic way to create a great kitchen without compromising on its functional layout is to mix up your materials. Consider adding a mirror splashback or black plumbing fixtures, colourful cabinetry or hidden appliances. There are lots of creative ways to create a dynamic kitchen that you love. Don’t settle for just OK, make your kitchen the absolute perfect addition to your new custom home.

Brett Ward Homes can help design and build the perfect kitchen for your new home. Give us a call to chat about your ideas and we’ll create the perfect custom home design just for you.

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