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Sloping Block? How You Can Still Build Your Dream Home

You’ve found your dream home site, only to discover it’s on a sloping block. Often this means compromising on your custom home design and altering features you love to adjust to the sloping land. A great custom home builder will tell you ‘you can still build your dream home’, even on a sloping block. Here’s how

Basic Stepped Design

A basic stepped design is a home design made up of two steps at two different levels. It’s a perfect design choice for any minor sloping block sites, as it can simply mean having the garage placed on its own lower level and the rest of the house at a higher level. Which means, you still get the dream home you were wanting, just with the garage a little lower than originally planned.

Multi-Stepped Design

If your sloping site is at complex levels, this is a great design option. Often, many luxury home builds utilise this design option as a way to discretely place level changes throughout their home, thus disguising the fact that it’s a sloping block. The way it works, is by placing subtle interior steps, room-to-room, scattered throughout the home. It works really well on larger homes as you can spread out the spaces between steps, making them practically indistinguishable.

Split Level Design

If your block has a slope of more than three metres between two planned levels, then this split-level design is the perfect choice. Now it may seem like a compromise to have parts of your home on different levels, but split-level designs are a great way to incorporate features unavailable to you with a regular custom home design. Such as multiple entrances, multiple viewpoints and entertainment areas, or even a lower level guest suite. If you work with a great home builder you can get a little creative and make additions that you will end up loving even more than your original design.

Brett Ward Homes has years of experience designing custom homes for sloping blocks throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast area. No matter the severity of your sloping block, we have the expertise to help design and build your dream home.

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